We provide a wide range of services that are continuously expanding to meet the unique needs of our growing, diverse community.

About Us

At Infusions By Design, we create tailored IVs that are designed to improve your wellness and give you an overall healthier experience. Made specifically for you, it all depends on what your goals are, what your needs are and what conditions you need to address. From one-time infusions to recommended packages, we create the perfect mix of ingredients that encourage your body to work at its best.

Our Mission

With honesty, integrity, professionalism, hard work and dedication, we provide an affordable, tailored experience for patients who want to invest in their health and achieve optimal wellness, while keeping our facility friendly and inviting.


After becoming a family medicine nurse practitioner in 2012, Infusions By Designs founder and CEO, Leah Gallagher began working in family medicine at a Family Practice in Philadelphia.

As anti-aging became prevalent, Leah completed a Functional Medicine fellowship to better understand the safety and efficacy behind treatments pushed on social media. Feeling that these full alternative medical models were not doing the trick and that the cost to the patients was irrational, she integrated her knowledge into care continuum.

After giving birth to twins, Leah started doing her own IV infusions to help with postpartum recovery and found she was getting compliments on her increased energy, happy mood, glowing skin, and shinier hair. Knowing she wanted to make the infusions affordable, and more importantly not just another social media gimmick, she looked at other local IV infusion centers, their prices and their ingredients and decided to do better, creating Infusions By Design, an infusion center where people make an investment into themselves, and in return, experience the healing process they’ve always wanted.


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