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Leah Gallagher, APN

Founder & Chief Infusions Designer

Leah graduated from Jefferson University in 2005 and practiced for seven years as an ER nurse. She then received her master’s degree from Rowan University in 2012 and has been practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

For 10 years she has specialized in family medicine at a primary care office, geriatric medicine, and acute care post hospital discharge in an outpatient facility. As anti-aging became prevalent, she completed a Functional Medicine fellowship to better understand the safety and efficacy behind this alternative medical approach; combined this with her deep knowledge of traditional medicine to create Infusions By Design.

She successfully integrated an alternative, more holistic medical model with a traditional family practice model and is passionate about making this approach accessible to everyone.

Leah is well versed in caring for chronic illness and uses a multi-faceted approach for management and healing. She specializes in hormone imbalance disorders, weight loss, mental health disorders, and athletic recovery.