Don’t take our word for it, read what real patients have to say about our infusions!


Read what our patients had to say about their experience with us!

Not sleeping through the night, unable to fall asleep, you name it. Nothing worse than sleep deprivation when it comes to mental health. After talking to Leah about this more times than I should have, I took the plunge. Within one week I was sleeping through the night and had energy like a teen again. Next step…weight loss! Infusions By Design is the real deal!

- Christine Onorato

I have been getting infusions since September. I cannot begin to tell you how they have improved my health and quality of life. I sleep better, have more energy, improved focus, beautiful skin, and improved stress levels. Leah is doing an amazing job creating the combinations of individualized infusions for my body’s needs. My overall well-being has improved. I can’t wear makeup due to my job and wearing masks all day at work my skin is so smooth. I literally get compliments everyday about my skin. I honestly do not think I would have been able to sustain the stresses of my job at the hospital especially during this pandemic without my infusions. Thank you, Leah!!

- Sue Ann

Leah is amazing and so easy to talk to. When I started my journey with NAD infusions my hormones were completely out of whack, I was so bloated ALL the time, I was mentally and physically exhausted ALL the time. After completing just a few infusions I started having more energy and more “good” days. My next goal is weight loss and getting myself back in the gym. Thank you, Leah!

- Julia Grace Barnett

Infusions By Design and Leah Czvornyek are game changers! I had started my menopause weight loss journey with Leah’s guidance and knowledge back in May. I was doing great, but by August had hit a plateau. In October I started with the Immune Boost IVs with glutathione. OMG! I felt amazing almost immediately. Energy through the roof, no more 2pm slump, and I lost 4lbs out of nowhere. I started NAD+ in November and the results just keep on coming! My sleep hasn’t been this good in years!!! Seriously! The NAD is just amazing! I feel rested each day, and I gained no weight through the holidays even after going off any and all food restrictions! I feel like my skin is going in reverse too! I can’t say enough about this stuff! It’s truly like a magic potion!

- Katie Toff

I am a covid long hauler and I have done a complete 360. Love u Leah. What you have put together is amazing. I have now lost 17 & 1/2 lbs., even without the weight loss, my whole being is in such a brighter better place. I lost so much mentally and physically from covid. I had the worst 18 months in my life, at one point I was on 13L of oxygen hospitalized, came home on 6L, ready to give up, I felt I no longer had a life, depending on oxygen, crazy lab values, hair loss, needing to nap every 3 hrs., nursing career came to a sudden halt after 30 yrs. and much more. And the impact it had on my family and friends. Today I am a new person and I am making new steps every day. I feel energized, motivated, I have a purpose again!! I laugh, I am happy, I am getting out more each day. I can only see smiles and sunshine on my way up. Love u Leah!!❤❤

- Sylvia Spizzirri McKeown

I have been with Leah since 2015 and she has seriously turned my health around. I have Hashimoto’s and I am currently managing it 100% holistic through lifestyle and vitamins. This year was critical for me to take extra care of myself as I have just had a baby.

After the baby my hair fell out bad and I was eager to get my body back. Leah had suggested IV therapy which as seriously been a game changer. Currently doing NAD for the weight loss and look at this hair re-growth!

- Amy Carr

Leah has helped me get my life back. I am a full-time working Mom of a three-year-old and 10-month-old twins. Life is crazy! I was never had energy and I was dealing with postpartum emotions and hormones that felt out of control! Leah and her infusions gave me my energy back! I now work 50-60 hours a week but still come home and have the energy to enjoy my children. They have helped me with the crazy postpartum hormones that comes along with twins! I’ve truly gotten my life back and feel better than ever! And the weight loss is a huge plus! If your feeling sluggish, down, not happy and want to invest in yourself go see Leah! She is committed it getting the right mix to help your individual needs.

- Amanda Robey

I got to meet Leah through a friend. I am a Covid long hauler. After 2020 I had packed on the pounds and also noticed some long hauler symptoms have stayed round.

After getting some blood work done. I noticed my A1C was at a borderline level. My whole life I have been a very healthy person. So the person looking back in the mirror was not me. I had put on 15lbs and now borderline diabetic. How could this happen.

I was trying everything to lose weight. No carbs, intermittent fasting nothing was working. That is when I called Leah. I brought in my blood work talks about my goals. I have done my third IV treatment. And I have just started my at home injections. I also gave up alcohol and I am finishing up whole 30, a reset diet program.

I have started working out 3-4 times a week. Zero cardio and just weight lifting. These pictures are only 1 week apart.

If you are struggling with weight, Covid long haul symptoms, lack of energy give Leah a call. She can help. She is very understanding of your needs and wants, and listens to you.

- Valerie Regan

I began my journey with Leah while I was feeling chronically tired, achy joints, sensitive skin, daily dull headaches and brain fog. I am also a 30 year veteran of hypothyroid disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and suffer with anxiety. We began with Leah’s personal cocktail for 8 weeks. She weekly tweaked it until we found the perfect mix for optimal results.

- Marie M.

Leah makes you feel at ease through the entire process and the results speak for themselves. I’m someone who eats well and exercises regularly, but as I continue to age I realized that I wasn’t recovering as quickly, my skin was losing glow despite gallons of water, and my energy just didn’t last as long.

- Gina V.

Within a month’s time of weekly Meyer’s Cocktail and NAD+ infusions, I noticed the most positive shift in my facial complexion, skin, and all around physical presence. Just check out my picture pre-IV Drip Therapy! Thanks, Leah!

- Matt C.